How to heal dry and cracked cuticles for under $4.50!


Hi Beauties!

I know it’s been a minute since I posted, I have been working on a few things other than beauty blogging. I know I know I’m grounded but I promise you it’s been worth the wait.

So since I didn’t say it before happy thanksgiving, merry Christmas, happy New Year etc etc.

I have been at home really trying to come up with at home remedies for a lot of items that we spend buckets of money and I found one that I really wanted to share with you guys.

It’s winter time and for some reason my skin on my hands and feet always see. To be so dry and even my cuticles around my nail bed on my fingers and toes seem to be (ssoooooooooooooooo drrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyy!) and yes I made the face when I typed all those Os. Lol!

Now I could have easily went out and bought a solution for my dry cuticles but I said why not try what I already have. I think as a women our hands especially are always becoming more drier with water and in the colder months. even if I get my nails done and leave the salon as soon as I get home and wash my hands I’m like a dried up grape turning into a raisin. Why? Maybe because I’m always putting my hands in water or maybe even the favorite lotions I use just aren’t enough. Hmmmm? That got me to thinking.

The last time I got my nails done my lady said in her squeaky voice, “buy some cuticle oil” said in return “yeah sure but I could make some too!” Which would be cheaper and probably better.

So I went into my kitchen and said know what to do. I got a jar with a tight lid, some olive oil, lemon juice, and petroleum jelly or Vaseline (either one is fine). I mixed all the ingredients together and hope it worked. I mixed them together until it was all blended well into a jelly or pasty substance. Close the jar and you can refrigerate to help keep it long lasting.

Now I say use the lemon juice because if you use a real lemon 🍋 you will have to strain the lemon juice from the lemon pieces and seeds, but no biggie!

I use the mixture every time I wash my hands 👐 and even on my toes 👣when I take a shower 🚿 to keep my skin and cuticles moisturized.

Here’s the full receive in details to keep your cuticles looking smooth and oiled on a daily basis! Don’t over due it or your phone and keys be slipping and sliding out of your hands. Lol!

Now honestly the leading pharmacy or drugstore brand for cuticle balm or oil is between $6.00-$13.00. My recipe will save you more than almost $8.00 to make. I would make sure to visit your local discount store, family dollar, dollar tree in your neighborhood for items under a $1.00 to keep the recipe cost effective.

Price check: Her Budget Ur Beauty’s cuticle balm for less than $4.50
.99€ olive oil- 1/2 tsp
.99€ lemon juice-1/4 tsp
.99€ petroleum jelly/Vaseline- 2 tsp
.99€ jar

Totaling $4.00 plus tax

Mix together in a tight lid jar and vavavoom!

Remember, massage into your cuticle 2x (am and pm) for best results. You will see a difference and don’t forget try it on you feet too!

FYI: lemon juice helps to dissolve dry and damaged skin while petroleum jelly and olive oil are natural moisturizers.

Let me know if you try it and how it works

Her Budget Ur Beauty!


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